Airport Hotels in Abu Dhabi

Airport hotels in Abu Dhabi are ideal for tourists who come to this emirate for small tours. These hotels are usually preferred by business travelers who come to Abu Dhabi for one or two days' official work.

The Abu Dhabi International Airport is the main entry/exit point for tourists visiting Abu Dhabi. Travelers in the Middle East region usually prefer the Al Ain International Airport. Airport hotels are the ones that are locale din proximity to the main airport and thus are the most easily accessible of all Abu Dhabi hotels.

People who are bound by time cannot afford to waste a single minute during their tour of Abu Dhabi always prefer to stay in airport hotels mainly because of the distance factor. Most of the popular hotels in the city are more than 30 kilometers from the airport. Hence, airport hotels help you save time and energy.

After their flights to Abu Dhabi, many tourists experience airsickness or jetlag. Quite obviously, such people will prefer to rush to their hotel rooms and take some rest. Thus, it is not feasible for them to travel for another hour or so to reach their respective hotels.

Giving you ample relaxation time, airport hotels of Abu Dhabi help you refresh yourself immediately after a flight. Most of the airport hotels in Abu Dhabi also offer shuttle service to and from the airports for their guests. Thus, these hotels give you the luxury of having more time for city exploration, as you can save a lot of commuting time.

Al Raha Beach Hotel, Abu Dhabi International Airport Hotel, and Mafraq Hotel are the well-known airport hotels in Abu Dhabi.

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