Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation

The Cultural Foundation comprises the National Archives, the National Library and the Institute of Culture and Art. Situated just next to Qasr al-Hosn, the Cultural Foundation is based in a contemporary building of typical Islamic design with arched columns, elaborate courtyards, and well-kept gardens and exquisitely carved doorways.

Archaeological Cultural Foundation

The Cultural Foundation works untiringly for preserving valuable instances of past archaeological and architectural heritages. At the same time it promotes the development of arts, music, cinema and literature as well.

A visit to the Cultural Foundation, educates thoroughly you on the Dubai and cultural heritage. One can even be fascinated with a model of old Abu Dhabi city, musical instruments and a vast collection of photographs in black and white and well preserved Islamic art.

The Cultural Foundation also houses theater, cinema, lecture rooms, meeting rooms, an exhibition center and coffee shop. The Cultural Foundation regularly organizes numerous cultural events, including concerts with international and local artists, displays on local history.

Others are classic and international film festivals, art exhibitions on local modern art and workshops on crafts and language skills throughout the year. Some of its regular features include AD International Book Fair, Kalima, Qalam, Art Paris, Emirates Film Competition, Emirates Photo Competition, Bait Al Oud and many more.

The year 2008 witnessed two new ventures those being Sounds of Arabia and Turathana. Sounds of Arabia aimed at bringing together musicians which are spread all over Middle East. The display of their talent a rich blend of Modern and traditional Oriental fare of music left a lasting impression on the audience. Turathana, on the other hand, hopes to revive and encourage the Emirate art and the cottage industry of Emirates. Under this ambitious program talented artisans are picked out to train and carry forward the rich traditional handicrafts for the future with an aim to retain the Emirate tradition and culture.

The Cultural Foundation is open from 8 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon and from 5 in the evening to 8 at night. The daily events are advertised on the Gulf news.

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