Women's Craft Center Abu Dhabi

Women's Craft Center is a government run handicrafts center situated off the Airport Road. U.A.E. Women's Association carries out weaving, embroidery, sewing, basketry and other methods of handicrafts. Abu Dhabi Adventure SportsWomen's Craft Center is a good place to see the skills of the local women on display. You can take the photographs of the handicraft items but not the artists. The handicraft items made by women are on display and sale. If you are interesting in buying genuine traditional handicrafts,have Shopping in Dubai Women's Craft Center is the right place.

Craft items at Women's Craft Center

One can have a view of the ladies actually working on their craft items at the Women's Craft Center. Women sit in groups and work together displaying their skill and talent. The tourists can get actual glimpses of saddu, textile weaving, embroidering, basket weaving, palm tree frond weaving and tailoring as well. Camel bags, ethnic costumes and other traditional craft items can be seen and bought as well.

Restrition on Photography at Women's Craft Center

Certain precautions have to be remembered when visiting the Women's Craft Center Abu Dhabi as it is an Islamic state. It is advisable to ask for permission before proceeding to take photographs and more importantly your camera should focus on the craft rather than the women who are doing it. Always remember to remove your footwear before entering the room.

Traditional Hnadicrafts of Emirates

The Women's Craft Center, Abu Dhabi not only provides employment to women but also promotes and revives the traditional handicrafts of the Emirates. The Women's Craft Center, Abu Dhabi is a must visit place if you are interested in buying ethnic and traditional souvenirs to gift your friends and relatives back home.

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