Adventure Tourism in Dubai

Different Tourist Attractions of Dubai

Dubai is not just about five star hotels, air-conditioned shopping malls, dubai gold souks and shopping festival. There is a more to Dubai then just these attraction. A different kind of tourist attraction in Dubai is Adventure Tourism in Dubai.

Dubai has very seriously developed the infrastructure for Adventure Tourism in Dubai. Adventure sports lovers will be overwhelmed by the variety in Adventure Tourism in Dubai, as there is enthusiasm, climate and the facilities to organize number of adventure sports.

Adventure Sports in Dubai

Adventure Tourism in Dubai is for those who miss thrill and excitement in their life. Dubai Abu Dhabi will take you on Adventure Tourism in Dubai. Adventure Tourism in Dubai consist of Desert Safaris, Mountain Climbing, Sky Jumping, Scuba Diving, Water Surfing, Sailing, Snorkeling, Swimming, Go Karting, Wadi Bashing, Sand Skiing, Crab Hunting, Dune Bashing and Sand Storming. Adventure sports in Dubai are absolutely safe and fun-filled activities.

Water Sports in Dubai

The shallow gulf waters are ideal for the various water sports at the Dubai-Abu Dhabi border. There are several diving and sailing centres in Abu Dhabi, such as the Emirates Sailing School, Dubai offshore Sailing Club and so on. These schools offer professional training and offer wreck and deep water dives. One can explore the amazing reefs through these water sports at the Corniche.

Desert Safaris in Dubai

For off-road adventures, there is ample on the list. Desert Rangers is a tour organizer in Dubai that offers safe off-road trips under supervision.

Attractive and Mysterious Sites in Dubai

Adventure tourism in UAE has grown rapidly over the past few years. The exotic sands, sun and sea is what lures thousands of tourists to Dubai. If you are a little generous on the budget, then Dubai is the right place to be in. adventure tourism is here to strengthen the economy of the country and to increase the inflow of foreign exchange. Adventure tourism has also flourished owing to the attractive and mysterious sites in Dubai that is a must-watch. Innumerable Water Sports in Dubai.

The wonderful climate along with the innumerable water sports and so on are extremely popular and are the reasons for the rise in adventure tourism. The long coastline along with the variety of sports activities, sandy beaches and landscapes, powerboat races and sand skiing are part of the adventure tourism in Dubai.

The adventure tourism in Dubai is all about fun, stamina and loads of memories.

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