Desert Safari in Dubai

Desert Safaris in Dubai Desert Safaris in Dubai present a real taste of true heartland of Arabia full of desert. A visit to Dubai is not considered complete without a trip to the Desert Safaris in Dubai. The action-packed Desert Safaris in Dubai take you on a journey from desert to mountain in 4-wheel drive to a remote camel and from goat farms to isolated villages.

Roller Coaster Driving in Sand

Desert Safari in Dubai begins with a difficult roller coaster driving in sand obviously on a sturdy 4-drive vehicle driven by an expert driver. Once in the desert, enjoy the ride on the camelback, the Ship of the Deserts.

On the camel safari, take a trip to the local Bedouin village to look at the traditi0onal desert life. Also enjoy to the optimum level the Desert Safaris in Dubai with Wadi-Bashing or Sand-Skiing. As the Desert Safaris in Dubai approaches towards night, it is time to relish the desert feast. You will be served traditional Arabian barbeque under the star-lit night on the camps. You can have the choice of a peaceful romantic dinner or the evening full of entertainment with lively music, belly dancing and smoking of hookah or the Hubble-bubble pipes on the Desert Safaris in Dubai.

Amazingly Refreshing Experience on Desert Safaris

Desert Safaris in Dubai are an amazingly refreshing experience. The safari is done in the morning and is usually perfect for clients who would venture out in the evenings to pubs and discotheques and shopping malls of Dubai. The morning safari car will pick you up at 9am and take you through the desert for a great dunes bashing, quad biking, camel riding and sand skiing sessions.

The evening safari is an equally wonderful opportunity which includes

- Thrilling Drive through the desert along Al Awir Road
- Dune Bashing.
- Dune Driving
- Photography
- Enchanting Camel Rides
- Exotic Belly Dancing
- Feet and hands Henna Painting
- Majestic Hubbllee Bubblee (shisha)
- Appetizing Arabic Coffee (gahwa) and Fresh Dates
- Colorful Traditional costumes
- mesmerizing Sand Skiing

The Desert Night Safari includes

- Enchanting Camel Rides
- Exotic Belly Dancing
- Meet and hands Henna Painting
- Majestic Hubbllee Bubblee (shisha)
- Unlimited beverages
- BBQ and buffet including vegetarian fare
- Overnight camping
- Drive through the desert
- Dune Bashing and driving
- Charming Sun Set Photography

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