Water Sports in Dubai

Water Sports and Pearl Divers

Water Sports has become a major tourist attraction in Dubai. The same waters that once attracted the pearl divers of the past to look for the pearls now draw crowds in large numbers for various water sports like swimming, sailing and scuba diving. Both the residents and the tourists love to indulge in Water Sports in Dubai.

The cool and placid waters of the Arabian Sea are right for Water Sports in Dubai. Very high temperatures all the year round and naturally clear water makes Water Sports in Dubai very inviting and tempting. With facilities for water sports par excellence, any body is game for the Water Sports in Dubai. Many hotels located on the Jumeirah coastline offers private beaches and various facilities for Water Sports in Dubai.

Swimming & Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is one of the well-developed Water Sports in Dubai. Scuba Diving is can be done all year round in crystal clear waters of Gulf untouched by pollution. Water depth ranges from 5 m to 30 m and exotic marine life, charming coral reefs and wonderful wrecks can be discovered just off the Jumeirah coastline.

Emirates Diving Federation Dubai

The Emirates Diving Federation, a non-profit organization with the objectives of conserving, protecting and restoring the United Arab Emirate's marine resources and to legislate and regulate all diving activities within the UAE was inaugurated in the year 1995. There are numerous PADI accredited clubs and dive centers throughout the city that are members of the EDF. One can enjoy scuba diving with any of these clubs or centers. They also provide with diving gears and equipments and also take diving classes and demonstrations.

Swimming in Dubai

Swimming has fast developed as one of the favorite Water Sports in Dubai. There are several hotels and clubs in Dubai offering the facility of swimming in open pools, rooftop pools and heated pools. Some of the hotels even have private beaches where you can enjoy natural swimming in the water of the Gulf.

Sailing in Dubai

Sailing is one of the most popular Water Sports in Dubai. The conditions are almost perfect with minimum water currents in the Gulf. The winds are usually calm but at times strong enough to challenge even the experienced sailors. Fixed keel, dinghy and board are available for sailing.

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