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Dubai is the main city in United Arab Emirates and is a booming business centre. Over the past few decades much has changed in Dubai. Desert sand is replaced with greenery and barren land is taken over by the soaring skyscrapers. Every sight of Dubai will showcase the architectural achievement and myriad magnificent building that are never ever created by the mankind or built in any part of the world. Burj Al Arab, seven star hotel in Dubai; Hydropolis Underwater Hotel, Palm islands, Burj Dubai, the tallest skyscraper in the world; Jumeriah beaches, shopping malls; restaurants, parks, gleaming beaches....Dubai is a cocoon which is a coalesce of luxury and advancement. With so much to offer Dubai is fast-becoming the future destination of young aspirants to turn their dream into reality. Due to rapidly booming economy and business areas, it has opened doors for employment.

Dubai Lifestyle

Dubai is a very rich Middle Eastern country. With the reservoir of oil and petroleum, and escalating tourism, Dubai has generated high revenue and its economy is estimated to be worth over 40 billion euros.

If you are thinking living in Dubai is a costly affair, then you have mistaken. Despite its rapid emergence, Dubai is an exciting place to live, do business, shop, enjoy weekend getaways, and have western way of life .and do a lot more stuff....without shelling out astronomical amounts.

Living Expenses in Dubai

Expenses are not too high in Dubai, as compared to the living in any European country. Dubai living is an affordable affair. It is primarily due to the fact that, since there is no personal tax. Earning a tax-free income brings a big smile on expatriates, retirees and holidaymakers face. Even the day-to-day commodities, expenses and housing in affordable and within the budget.

Dubai living is your ticket to the fantastic new world charms that will sweep you off your feet with its modernity and at the same time keep you glued on the ground with its ethnic charms.