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Dubai Skyscraper

In the world of architectural genius and soring skyscrapers- Dubai is a name to reckon with. There are hundreds of skyscrapers in Dubai that gives glossy look and magnanimous appeal to Dubai . Unfinished skyscraper like Burj Dubai, supertall skyscrapers and completed skyscraper, your every sight meets the skyscrapers in Dubai and you are left gasping. The view of Dubai at night from the top of these tall building is so picture-perfect that its apt for the postcards craft. Some of the most noticeable and popular Dubai skyscrapers are:

Emirates Office Tower

This 54-storey skyscraper in Dubai is also known as Emirates Tower . It is connected with the 56h floor of Jumeriah Emirates Towers Hotel. These two towers are referred as ' Emirates Towers complex'. With 354.6 metres, it is the 12 th tallest building in the world.

Burj Dubai

Still under construction, Burj Dubai at 818 metres, is all set to become tallest man-made structure on Earth, beating Taipei 101 of Taiwan. Burj Dubai construction first began on September 21, 2004 and is expected to complete on September 2009. Ones fully operational it will straightaway make its entry in Guineas book of world records.

Rose Tower

Rose tower is 72-storey, 333 metre skyscraper in Dubai , United Arab Emirates . This hotel is also popularly known as "Rose Rotana Suites." Due to its design modifications, the towers projected height was reduced. Although, still not opened, for the general public, the speculation is, once it opens, it will be the world's tallest hotel, leaving behind Burj Al Arab.

21 st Century Tower

21st Century Tower is the world's third-tallest residential building. It is a 55-storey skyscraper, at a height of 269 metres. ' Eureka Tower ' in Melbourne , Australia and the 'Q1 Tower' in Australia 's Gold Coast, are the only two building that comes in its competition. Its a state-of-the-art building that is occupied by cabin crew members of Emirates Airline and has well-equipped gymnasium. Interestingly, there are no balconies but is compensated by the rooms that overlooks Persian Gulf or the futuristic Sheik Zayed Road.

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