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Dubai is rated among the most popular tourist destinations in the world today. The most modernized cosmopolitan city of UAE, Dubai today is one of the most favorite haunt for leisure as well as business travelers. Best Hotels in Dubai is a picture perfect destination to enjoy a relaxing beach holiday, an adventurous desert experience, wild nightlife or a weekend away to shop in the electronics, gold markets and water sports in Dubai. The name of top hotels which comes into mind while we think of dubai are Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah, Le Merridion, Al Bustan, Coral Diera, Crown Plaza, Bab Al Sham, Al Qasr.

Top Luxury Hotels in Dubai

Dubai is known for its world-class top luxury hotels offering excellent facilities to the guests. It is the only place in the world that has a 7-Star hotel (Burj- Al- Arab), which is also the tallest hotel (1,060 ft high) in the world. Some of the most amazing 5star hotel projects the world has ever seen are also on the way in Dubai.

7 Star Hotels in Dubai

Apart from Burj-Al-Arab, there are still more hotels which leave no stone unturned in over indulging and pampering their guests with the best service and hospitality during their stay in hotels in Dubai.

Spa and Jumeriah Beach Club Resort

Some of luxury hotels in Dubai do include Palace of the Royal Mirage, One and Only Residence and Spa and Jumeriah Beach Hotel too. The hotels in Dubai usually contain lavishly decorated rooms, rooftop swimming pools, exotic multi cuisine options, 24 hour service and abundant opulent view of the city as well.

Beach Hotels in Dubai

Beach Hotels in Dubai are aplenty. Some of the best Beach Hotels in Dubai are located in the Jumeriah Beach area in Dubai. While staying at Jumeriah Beach Hotels Dubai, surfing, skiing, lazing around in the beach can be easily enjoyed. All Beach Hotels in Jumeriah offer good hospitality, well equipped with modern amenities, well decorated and elegant rooms, multi cuisine dining options and variety of entertainment to their guests. Beach Hotels in Dubai also assure their guests of a pleasurable and delightful stay in Dubai.

Best Hotels in Dubai has a large number of luxury deluxe hotels and resorts and you can choose one according to your taste, requirements and budget. We are providing you a detailed account of cheap and discount room accommodation, business and recreations facilities available at some of the best hotels in Dubai, UAE. Shopping in Abu Dhabi and Shopping in Dubai.