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With the overpowering tourism, world-class hospitality industry and bustling metro life, Abu Dhabi sees the confluence of whirl of travelers from Europe to Asia and Africa to America and coming together of the diversified art, culture, traditions and religion. With this rich diversity comes the prerequisite demand for an array of food to sate the palette of all and sundry. Abu Dhabi's restaurants know very well how to delight its guests therefore has different types of cuisines on its menu list. Continental, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Lebanese, Japanese, Thai...are some of international cuisines that are served in the restaurants in Abu Dhabi. If you are tired and hungry while making rounds around the city then you can easily spot the restaurants in Abu Dhabi to treat your taste buds and have a gala time. Most of the Abu Dhabi's restaurants are located close to popular tourist destinations, business centers, shopping malls and multiplexes.

Abu Taf, Royal Orchid and Papagallo are some of the popular Abu Dhabi's restaurant that serve lip smacking and scrumptious snacks, desserts, pastries, beverages, soft drinks, seafood and delectable international cuisines.

Abu Taf

Abu Taf's specialty is Chinese dishes and its menu featuring Kings Prawns, seafood, alcoholic beverages and Mocktails. Designed over a carpeted walkway on the water surface, Abu Taf is a refreshing experience and creates a soothing ambiance for food gourmets with its simple interiors adorned with beautiful flowerpots and pastel colored walls.

90 Degrees

90 Degrees is a world class restaurant housed in Hotel Intercontinental Abu Dhabi and favorite amongst locals and tourists. It serves delicious European cuisines including French, Italian, Moroccan and Spanish and has an extensive a la carte menu featuring desserts, cocktails and delectable snacks in extremely pleasurable and friendly ambiance.

India Palace

India Palace, a gem of a restaurant is a conflate of charm, elegance and sophistication of Rajasthani grandeur and ethnic cuisine. The food is excellent and has the flavor of Indian delicacies prepared by master chefs. There are close cabinets for visitors to grant them privacy and have seclusion while dining. The excellent food combined with remarkable service impresses the visitors here.

Royal Orchid

As the name suggests, Royal Orchid is famous for its food and hospitality. Rejoice the most ambrosial dining experience and disconnect from the city life by entering in its tranquil splendid interiors. Enjoy various Eastern cuisines like Thai, Chinese and Mongolian cuisines.


Housed in Le Meridian, Papagallo feeds its visors in an Italian way. Tasty seafood, ice creams in vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavors and fresh cut fruits refreshes the palette. Try a pot of coffee to make the eating experience more Italian.