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Hojreh Jazz Bar and Dining

Hojreh Jazz Bar and Dining, a popular restaurant that occupies a prominent position in the food landscape of Abu Dhabi. Prime offerings of Hojreh Jazz Bar and Dining include the likes of continental food, regional food, kebabs, desserts, pastries and a number of sea food variants. A very common dish served at Hojreh Jazz Bar and Dining is the, 'fuul' that is a special kind of pasta prepared from fava beans, garlic and a tinge of lemon extract. Another popular dish is the, 'shawrma' consisting of meat and sausages dished up with pieces of bread. Renowned for its Iranian dishes, Hojreh Jazz Bar and Dining is unique in Abu Dhabi as one of the few ones specializing with all forms of Persian food.

The cynosure of this Abu Dhabi-based restaurant Hojreh Jazz Bar and Dining is indeed its Jazz Bar where an internationally renowned jazz band is found performing at scheduled hours. You will also get some fusion menus being served here that bear a class of their own. For the lovers of unique blend of cocktails, one can be assured of getting the very best of them at Hojreh Jazz Bar and Dining.

Though there are plenty of eating places in Abu Dhabi offering world class cuisines and services, dining at some chosen Abu Dhabi restaurants like Hojreh Jazz Bar and Dining can be a lip smacking experience. Almost all the Abu Dhabi restaurants have a wide variety of cuisines coupled with entertainment (though the later is available only with some selected ones).

However, if you are looking for a particular dish of your nationality, you will not be disappointed as restaurants in Abu Dhabi offer al kinds of Latin, French, Italian, Thai, Indian and continental dishes to cater the taste and preferences of one and all. Hojreh Jazz Bar and Dining is one of the finest ones in Abu Dhabi offering the Persian variety and one is certain to savor the moments spent there.