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Mawal Hilton International Abu Dhabi

>One of the best known restaurants in Abu Dhabi, Mawal is a name to reckon with as far as Lebanese food is concerned. Part of the global hospitality major Hilton, Mawal offers a generous mix of classic and contemporary. While the interiors of Mawal are very traditional, the services are exquisite and have a tinge of international in it. Voted consecutively as the "Best Arabian Restaurant", third year in running, Mawal at Abu Dhabi presents the very best of gourmet trends at par with the international benchmark set up by other Hilton restaurants across the world.

Being in Abu Dhabi and wish to spend some quality time with your near and dear ones, enjoying the delicious Lebanese food simultaneously, Mawal at Hilton International Abu Dhabi is the place you should be in. To begin with, you will be served with starters like hot and cold mezze and other fries. Once done you will be served with lamb chops, grilled kebabs, beef sticks and much other mouth watering non vegetarian culinary. The quality of food and offerings as well as the services will make you comment that it indeed is one of the best if not the best in the business.

This famous Abu Dhabi restaurant, Mawal remains open with two different schedules depending upon the day. For six days a week starting from Friday to Wednesday it remains open from 1230 hours to 1530 hours followed by 2000 hours to 0200 hours till the early morning. However on Thursdays, the first working day of the week here, Mawal opens sharp at 2000 hours and gets closed at 0330 hours, the wee hours in the morning. If you want a sip or two of alcohol along with your usual dinner, you won't be disappointed as Mawal Hilton International Abu Dhabi is among the select few places that does provide for the same.

Mawal: At A Glance

Restaurant: Mawal, Hilton International Abu Dhabi

City: Abu Dhabi
Class: Lebanese
Special Amenities: Alcohol
Live Musical Performance
Telephone: +971 02 6811900
Fax: +971 02 6811696
Mode of Payment: All Major Credit Cards/Cash