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Mezzaluna, the well-known Italian restaurant at Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi is recognized for its mouth watering delicacies. If you love the taste of Italian cuisines and are in the midst of an Abu Dhabi trip, then make it a point to dine here. Some complementary appetizers served at Mezzaluna of Emirates Palace Hotel like caviar-topped scallop and slithers of carpaccio are bound to make your taste buds exercise.

Similar to many of the other restaurants in Abu Dhabi, Mezzaluna is famous for its marine culinary delights. The most common delicacy served in this category is the grilled prawn and lobster. This famous Italian restaurant of Abu Dhabi starts at 12.30 in the afternoon and remains open till 3 pm. It is the mid day schedule of Mezzaluna where you can expect the visitor density usually to be on the lower side. The peak hours begin at 6.30 pm and continue till 11 pm. The price charged here is reasonable with an average meal for two persons available at 500 Dirham Even if you want to just chill out by sipping a glass of wine, Mezzaluna will not disappoint you. The average price for a meal of two with a glass of wine happens to be 750 Dirham at Mezzaluna.

The dress code at Mezzaluna restaurant happens to be the smart and casual one. All the major international credit cards like Visa, Master Card and American Express are accepted here.

This restaurant is also well known for some of its special offers, one being the Pranzo Lunch scheme. Here, you will get to dine with authentic Italian cuisines in three courses just at 155 Dirham's. This offer remains valid for all the working days except Fridays and other holidays. However, this special lunch scheme is available from 12.30 pm to 3 pm only. While dining at this restaurant, you can also enjoy the famous Italian scenes in the big flat screen plasma television and get into some kind of Mediterranean mood.