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Min Zaman

A foodie and enjoying or planning a trip to Abu Dhabi soon. well if your answer is yes, then you need to contemplate a visit to Min Zaman, the renowned restaurant at Abu Dhabi offering delicious cuisines. An integral part of the much acclaimed Al Ain Rotana Hotel, Min Zaman restaurant is certain to ensure that your taste buds are no longer inactive once you start tasting its offerings.

The usual menu in this hotel begins with a delicious fruit juice followed by some mouth watering mixed pickles. Next in store for you is hummos, tabouleh and mountable in huge quantities. You can also have a go at some of its famous dishes like the garlic labneh, rocca salad, stuffed leaves of vine, beetroot salad and mixed vegetable if you are a vegetarian. However, for those who prefer the non vegetarian meals, it offers varied dishes like chicken liver, chicken wings, lamb kebbe, heaps of grilled chicken, beef stick and grilled lamb to name a few. After your usual dining course, you will be served with a delicious salad of several types of fruits.

Min Zaman remains open all days a week and its usual timings range from 6 pm in the evening till 2.30 am in the morning. Apart from the high quality delicious food, you will also get to hear some high quality trance music. And entertain yourself with traditional belly dancing in this restaurant. Even if you want a few sips of alcohol to refresh you and add a little spice to your night out, you will get that at the Min Zaman restaurant. This restaurant is among the legally authorized ones to serve wine to its visitors.

On an average, dining for two at the Min Zaman restaurant will make you shell out an optimal rate of 90 Dirham's for a food package that does not include drinks. So, you need not need worry too much about your pocket while dining here. Almost all the major international credit cards like the American Express, Visa and Master Card are accepted by Min Zaman. So for al the fun, entertainment and good food at a reasonable price, Min Zaman at Al Ain Rotana Hotel in Abu Dhabi has something to offer that others need to catch up.