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Oasis is a poolside restaurant that is decorated with huge innovatory ideas. Part of the celebrated Le Meridian at Abu Dhabi, Oasis is an international standard restaurant of Abu Dhabi. The floor of the Oasis is made up of an artificial water tank that has fishes swimming into it. It has been decorated with artificial flowers and plants. The blue water of the Oasis pool makes the ambiance of the restaurant reaching its zenith. The cold air from the pool makes one feel absolutely brilliant. The Chinese lanterns when lit up in the night make the Oasis; a poolside restaurant of Abu Dhabi looks heavenly.

The menu of the restaurant mainly contains lung fong soup, pasta, noodles of different types, dishes of mixed vegetable and many more. The salads of Oasis are delicious and are of various types. Dishes for the main meals contain variants and among them the most brilliant ones are the duck meet preparation, beef meet served with tinge of green pepper and salads and the vegetable mushroom preparations. It should be noted that the prawn preparations of Oasis at Le Meridian is absolutely incredible. Among the prawn preparations, the Mongolian Prawn leads the list. The beverages are simple that contain delicious and chilled ice creams and sweet pastas. Alcohol too is being served at Oasis.

The restaurant opens at ten in the morning and closes at six in the evening. It gives camouflaging effects of all the countries of the world, as it contains an International Cuisine.

For further information about the restaurant one can call up at +971 02 64 6666 or log in to our web site