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Paco's Bar

A food aficionado.fond of gothic and medieval Paco's Bar one can choose amongst a host of offerings including the delicious buffalo chicken wings, prawn fajitas and chilly beef tacos. However, even otherwise you can try out the famous BLT sandwiches, lasagna and the much reputed club sandwich with some amount of delicious Greek salad at Paco's Bar in Al Ain Hilton at Abu Dhabi.

Apart from normal dining and drinks, you can also enjoy a host of other activities here at Paco's Bar. Enjoy your favorite sports by watching them on television. If comfortable with music, Paco's Bar will ensure that you get the very best of international music. An avid quizzer too has something to enjoy at Paco's Bar as quizzes are organized here from time to time.

Al Ain Hilton's celebrated restaurant cum bar Paco's Bar in Abu Dhabi remains open from 12 pm in the afternoon to 12 am till midnight from Saturday to Tuesday.

However, on Wednesdays and Thursdays, the timings are a bit more flexible when Paco's Bar remains open from 12 pm in the noon to 3 am in the morning, providing you an extra hour to eat, drink and get on the groove. Most importantly, all these enjoyments come at a very reasonable price, affordable by the middle class at Abu Dhabi as well.

Paco's Bar has flexible payment modes too. Major international credit cards like Visa, Master Card and American Express are all accepted.

Planning a trip to Abu Dhabi in near future. are you in search of a high quality restaurant cum bar at Abu Dhabi? If yes, then do make it a point to visit Paco's Bar and enjoy the delicious high quality food and liquor. Those who prefer aristocracy and sophistication are bound to cherish Paco' Bar and the air prevailing here.