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Panda Panda

At Istiklal Street, Abu Dhabi one comes across the place as full of shoppers and people watchers all the time. However beyond that, it does bring an air of diversity and rich ambiance, thanks to Panda Panda, the Chinese restaurant. Splendidly decorated with Chinese paintings, especially the dragon and the Confucius themes, at the very entrance of Panda Panda the essence of China can be felt. The decors of the restaurant present an intermingling of ethnicity and modernism. The sitting arrangements are done in a cluster of four each, with wooden chairs and tables. Luxurious cushioned sofa arrangements have encircled the main sitting arrangements at Panda Panda, the prominent Chinese restaurant at Abu Dhabi.

The menu at Panda Panda provides everything distinctly associated with Chinese like egg fried rice, golden fried rice and the sizzling aburgine. The Chinese specialties like noodles and soups come up with different flavors and tastes. Among the other Chinese specialties that Panda Panda is known for are stuffed mushrooms, delicious sweet and sour chicken and hot and smoky beef, prawn preparations. The fried ice-cream that seems strange to many is a special attraction in the dessert section at Panda Panda, the Abu Dhabi-based Chinese restaurant. Alcohol is also served here as is the case with most other quality restaurants in Abu Dhabi. A stimulating feature of Panda Panda is the live music that is played for the guests.

However, on Wednesdays and Thursdays, the timings are a bit more flexible when Paco's Bar remains open from 12 pm in the noon to 3 am in the morning, providing you an extra hour to eat, drink and get on the groove. Most importantly, all these enjoyments come at a very reasonable price, affordable by the middle class at Abu Dhabi as well.

This Abu Dhabi Chinese restaurant remains open from 12.30 pm in the afternoon to 4 pm in the evening and then from 7pm till 12 mid night. Panda Panda does not have any dress code for the guests though one is expected to be dressed smartly. It accepts all major credit cards like the Master Card, Visa and American Express. Panda Panda with its renowned Chinese culinary creates an eternal impression as far as Chinese food at Abu Dhabi is concerned.