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The Prego's at Beach Rotana Hotel & Towers at Abu Dhabi is a magnificently built up restaurant with luxurious sitting arrangements and splendid decors. The ceilings of Prego's restaurant are high with long furnished walls. The tables are clustered all around, ideal for group gossiping and chatting but not ideal for a romantic evening. Prego's offers seating arrangements in the open air also, capturing the thrilling view of the hotel. An Italian restaurant of international standards, Prego's offers some of the finest Italian delicacies available in the whole of Abu Dhabi.

Prego's dishes are obviously bathed with Italian delicacies, like bread base fried in fresh olive oil, various dishes of sea fishes and other vegetarian menus. The gnocchial pomodoro is the famous Italian dish, one can savor in this restaurant. Nevertheless, the restaurant offers the most demanding Italian dish now days, Pizzas also are served at Prego's along with a magnificent tomato sauce. The desserts contain preparations of wild dates and berries for which Italy is famous. The customers do get benefit of having free alcohol if the items ordered are more in number.

The restaurant starts its first service in the day at 12 noon which lasts till 3.30 in the afternoon. Another schedule begins at 7 in the evening and ends at 11.30 in the night. Prego's moreover, does not have any dress code for its guests.

Credit cards of American Express, Master Card and Visa are accepted by this Italian eatery Prego's. The restaurant definitely provides for a spectacular Italian thrust to all its guests with its dishes and ambiance.