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Raj Palace Indian

The popular Indian restaurant Raj Palace is part of the luxurious Al Diar Capital Hotel in Abu Dhabi. The architectural edifice of Raj Palace resembles that of a huge wooden boat. It provides guests with Indian and sub-continental culinary. This Indian restaurant Raj Palace presents a majestic ambiance, with artificial stone walls having lobbed evergreen vine leaves hanging from them. It also has artificial stream falling down like a waterfall. The sitting arrangements at Raj Palace of Al Diar Capital Hotel in Abu Dhabi are wholly indoor, with wooden tables, providing for an impetus to simplicity and natural beauty.

The menus are purely Indian in look and taste. The popular Indian dishes like the Chats, Pakoras, Lemon Rice, Indian Meat preparations and many more. Among the desserts, the Indian Gulab Jamun heads the popularity chart. The dishes are nevertheless having the typical Indian tastes; one can feel the essence of India in pouring a spoonful of these delicacies in his mouth. Mostly all the dishes are garnished with chopped coriander leaves and ringed onions.

As it has been mentioned earlier that Raj Palace is an indoor restaurant, and it has a chilled atmosphere inside due the fierce air conditioning. It is thus preferred, that one should have his food as it has been served or else it will be as chilled as the atmosphere inside. The food is served on copper utensils, which also adds up the Indian feel inside the restaurant.

The lunch in the restaurant is available during twelve noon to three in the afternoon and the evening shifts start from seven to one in the night. The guests are supposed to put on smart casual attire while having meals in the restaurant.

Raj Palace accepts all major credit cards specially the American Express, Master Card and Visa Card.

For further queries one can simply call in at Raj Palace +971 02 6787700 or log on to