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Restaurant China

Restaurant China is one of the prominent Chinese restaurants in Abu Dhabi. The restaurant offers Chinese cuisine and delicacies of China. The sitting arrangements are both done indoor and outdoor. The restaurant has a typical Chinese look and ambiance with paintings on the wall that are abstract in nature. One of the most striking features of Restaurant China is the home delivery facility.

The dishes contain all the popular Chinese items such as noodles, spring roll, vegetable soup, hot tofu and many more. In the beverages, one should try the Chinese tea. The restaurant also provides with alcohol. Usually a meal for two heads generally costs Dhs 180-200.

The restaurant does have its own timings for its services; twelve noon to three in the afternoon is scheduled for lunch while six thirty to eleven thirty is fixed for dinner. There is no particular dress code for the visitors.

For booking and confirmation, please dial at +971 02 6325661 or Fax 02 6210128