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Rock Bottom

The Rock Bottom restaurant is one of the most happening places in Abu Dhabi. Situated at the Al Diar Capital Hotel, Abu Dhabi, Rock Bottom specializes in various delectable American cuisines. The restaurant remains open on weekdays from 12.00 pm till 2.30 am. While on the weekends, Rock Bottom serves its customers till the wee hours of the morning i.e. from 12.00 pm till 3.30 am.

One of the prevailing trends at Rock Bottom is its arrangement of theme parties throughout the whole week. For example, Sunday is marked by happy hour all the way through the whole day. Monday stands for unlimited fun, frolic and games. Moreover, special drinks are arranged for the ladies between 10.00 pm - 12.00 pm at Rock Bottom on this day of the week. Similarly, on every Tuesday, special free drinks for the ladies are served between 9.00 pm and 12.00 pm. Wednesday brings in a whole array of weekend warm up parties. At Rock Bottom, a typical Wednesday night is also termed by many as "Biker's Night".

Thursday offers a gala night, with blaring music playing in the background and people swaying their bodies to the tunes in tandem in the Bacchanalian celebrations. In fact, the Thursday night party at Rock Bottom is regarded as the best in the whole town. On Fridays, Rock Bottom serves up sumptuous meals for a lazy brunch; free drinks are served for ladies between 9.00 pm and 12.00 pm and termed as the "Cabin Crew Night", a discount of 25 % is offered to the guests on this day of the week. And last, but not the least, on every Saturday, an "Hotelier's Night" is arranged where free bubbly is served by the attentive and pleasant restaurant staff. Moreover, a flat discount of 25 % is also given to the diners on this day of the week.

To conclude, if you are looking forward to winding off and want to liven up both the body and the spirits, then Rock Bottom is the perfect venue to let your hair down and return for the next week's work all charged up and rejuvenated, complete with springs in your legs!