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Royal Orchid

Situated inside the Hilton Hotel, Royal Orchid is a very popular restaurant in Abu Dhabi. An East-Asian food hub on Salam Street, at Royal Orchid one can expect to have all the delicacies of the world. Be it the Chinese, Korean, Malaysian or Thai, you name it and they have it. While the lunch hours at Royal Orchid begins at 1200 hrs and continues till 1530 hrs, the dinner timing of the restaurant has been aptly fixed from1900 hrs till 2330 hrs.

Moreover, the pricing of the various menus at Royal Orchid have been adeptly posited. For example, the average price for a meal for two persons costs nearly Dhs 450. While there is no hard and fast rule regarding the dress code, diners are expected to dress decently in formals or casuals. Furthermore, regarding the payment option, various credit cards are accepted at Royal Orchid. One can make his/her payments through widely acceptable American Express, Master or Visa credit cards.

On the first floor of the restaurant, there is a small room at the corner, nicely decorated with oddly muted lighting which casts an autumnal glow over the dark wood chairs and pub-like velour benches. One of the specialties at Royal Orchid is the open Mongolian style hotplate. This dish is prepared by cocktailing various mismatched flavors to put in the required punch. Other than that, the traditional Tom Kha (hot and sour coconut soup), a staple food at Abu Dhabi and Pad Thai (fried noodles) also enjoy equal popularity amongst the guests at Royal Orchid. Moreover, the Szechuan Lobster served with utmost perfection and with generous chunks of meat slathered in spicy sauce, it is the most sumptuous and piquant a dish you can think of.

To conclude, Royal Orchid at Salam Street is a restaurant where no one can go just once! Its high-end hospitality coupled with its excellent mouth watering dishes keep you coming back for more.