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Al Khayal, Jumeirah Beach Hotel

The first sight of the Al Khayal restaurant reminds us with the magnificent palaces of the Sultans in ancient Arabia, the description that we often get from the fairy tales in the 'Arabian Nights'. It replicates the original and the luxuriant Arabic style of living. The Al Khayal Restaurant in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel has an identity of its own. The pillars, the walls and the other decors are gallantly styled which reflects the extravagant lifestyles of the ancient Arabian Sultans. Al Khayal is a prominent eating joint in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

Al Khayal provides a cuisine of the Lebanon style with tasty Lebanese food. Some of the mouth-watering Lebanese menu available here are Shish K-Bob, Chicken K-Bob, Kafta, Chawarma, Stuffed Baked Kibbe and many more. Apart from these, Al Khyal also provides variants of sweet dishes and desserts. Along with these delicacies it provides its customers with the Lebanese style of Belly-Dance show with the Lebanese orchestra, which usually starts from 8:30 pm and lasts till 1:00 am.

Al Khyal opens at seven in the evening and remains open till two in the night. The restaurant is located at the first floor of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. It also provides for a special menu for kids. Children below four years of age get free food from the restaurant. The total strength of the restaurant is ninety two heads.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel, situated at one of the busiest locations in Dubai, encircled by different commercial establishments and shopping plazas all around, attracts a lot of business visitors. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel is very close to the Dubai International Airport and that also helps it to attract a huge flock of visitors throughout the year.