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La Parrillia, Jumeirah Beach Hotel

A popular Argentinian restaurant in Dubai for the who's who, La Parrillia is a restaurant of Argentinian style and fashion and located in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai. The location is significant as it has been surrounded by commercial establishments and shopping centers across the place. A Latin American hotel is a rarity so far in Dubai and La Parrillia has in a shorter span of time made its presence felt in Dubai in a big way. La Parrillia restaurant provides with Argentinian cuisine with its all time famous grilled meet preparations.

The La Parrillia restaurant represents a demesne style, which means it looks like as it is situated in a big estate. The restaurant possesses a look with a tinge of fragility in its ambiance. La Parrillia contains magnificent brick work, tall embellished walls. The restaurant throws a woody look as its furniture is made up of wood.

The restaurant is placed on the 25th floor of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. It opens at six thirty in the evening and remains open till one in the night. La Parillia is also unique in the sense that it is a "no smoking zone." La Parrillia provides interesting offers for children and has separate dishes for them. The children below twelve years of age get discount of fifty percent and those who are below four years of age are not charged at all.

La Parrillia provides for tango music and tango dance to entertain its regulars. The whole ambiance of the restaurant is a replica of a big farm house with exotic decors. An ideal place for refreshment, La Parrillia offers the very best of food and frolic at the same place.