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Last Updated: 19 June 2011

Shopping in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi offers you ultra modern shopping malls packed with famous branded items including designer clothes, watches, gold and diamond jewelry, electronics, and perfumes. Abu Dhabi is also known for its traditional souks (markets) especially carpet souks selling world-famous Iranian, Turkish and Kashmiri carpets. You can also shop for spices, silk, souvenirs, as well as traditional perfumes and clothing at famous souks in Abu Dhabi. Fish souks and vegetable and fruit souks are also worth a visit on your trip to Abu Dhabi. Shopping in Abu Dhabi can be loads of fun with insignificant import duties, lowest prices in the world, great choices, various bargain offers and air-conditioned shopping malls.

Abu Dhabi Shopping Festival

The best time for Shopping in Abu Dhabi is during the Abu Dhabi Shopping Festival held every year in early March. It is also the time to win interesting prizes from all the shopping malls. People fly from all over the world for Shopping in Abu Dhabi for some gold, electronic items, fashion clothes and perfumes particularly during the month of April.

Abu Dhabi Shopping

The Famous Old Souk

The places for Shopping in Abu Dhabi are the famous Old Souk; Al Nasr Street; Zayed, the Second; Sheikh Hamdan and Sheikh Khalifa. These places have big modern air-conditioned shopping plazas selling everything from gold to antique jewelry, electronics gadgets to cars, designer clothes and giftware, toiletries to cosmetics and antiques to souvenirs in elegantly designed designer boutiques.

The first experience of Shopping in Abu Dhabi is the Duty Free Shop at Abu Dhabi's International Airport. Opened in 1986 and expanded recently, the Duty free Shop is the retail complex that has won several awards for marketing, quality, efficiency, advertising and business enterprise.

Beautifully designed complex contains about thirty different stores in open layouts for the convenience of the customers to browse.

Long queues or aggressive sales people will not boggle you. Although the list of merchandise on sale is long, it is the right place to buy gold and electronic items.

Antiques Item Shopping In Abu Dhabi

If you are Shopping in Abu Dhabi, look for the local antiques and souvenirs along with international brands of watches, cameras, toys, perfumes and leather-goods. The traditional coffee pot is the most identifiable symbol of the Arab way of life. It makes for a good souvenir item whether they are antique coffee pots or the miniatures. Bedouin jewelry made of typical silver designs often combined with precious stones are a must buy.

Antique chests are also major shopping items in Abu Dhabi, as they are highly prized even though quite expensive. The chest is still often the most prominent piece of furniture in an Arab home in Abu Dhabi.

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