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Dubai Sightseeing Tours

Dubai is one of the most popular cities in the UAE and therefore plays host to millions of tourists each year. The highlight of visiting the city are definitely the Dubai Sightseeing Tours that are equipped to offer fun, exploratory and unique experiences to the visitors. Some of the most significant Dubai Sightseeing Tours have been identified and mentioned below for you:

Dubai City Tours

There are numerous Dubai sightseeing tours that are based around the city tours theme. These city tours are set with features that take one to the most spectacular locations of the city, the museums, the markets and also to the forts and other significant attractions. These guided tours help comprehend the history and nature of the city in the highest light.

Dhow Cruises

The creek of Dubai features a very spectacular phenomena, the traditional Dhow cruises! Romantic dinner, insight into the colorful nightlife as well as a never before boating experience all wait to entice one with the Dhow Cruises, a magnificent aspect of the Dubai sightseeing tours.

Desert Safaris

The adventurous ones can especially pick the Dubai sightseeing tours in the form of the several themed desert safaris. Available on a daily basis, these desert safaris in Dubai take the guests on a sojourn to the sand dunes, with music, lip smacking delicacies and the desert attractions to give one company.

Sunset Safaris

Sunset safaris are fondly picked especially by honeymoon couples, people on a romantic as well as family vacationers who love to relish on the gorgeous sunset sights in Dubai. The natural ambiance by this time almost turns magical and people on these Dubai sightseeing tours will vouch for the fact that nothing can beat the nostalgia, ever.

Excursions from Dubai

Excursions from Dubai are some of the most popular city tours one could opt for. Excursion to the nearby cities like Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Ajman top the list.

Dubai Shopping Tours

Last but not the least, Dubai shopping tours complete the cycle of sightseeing tours in the city. Being more than a shopping destination, the various Souks, markets and grand shopping malls attract and invite the guests to come to the city times and again.

These are some of the most significant themes one could opt for while looking forward for exciting Dubai sightseeing tours. There are numerous options one could book from available in each genre as mentioned above.