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Dubai is one of the most popular cities in the UAE and Dubai is one of the most significant cities of the United Arab Emirates. Travel to Dubai is always a pleasure experience owing to the vast selection of city attractions housed in its midst. The very contemporary nature of the city along with the inherent Arabic cultural heritage welcomes one and all to the city environs. With this article on Dubai travel tips , get introduced to some of the most handy and practical tips that you could refer to, to make your tours to Dubai all the more memorable and special. These Dubai travel tips will definitely offer you an overview of the city and its varied hues.

Some of the most important Dubai Travel Tips are:

•  Greeting : 'Sayed' for the men and 'Sayeda' for the women are generally used everywhere in Dubai.

•  Dress Code : Loose fitting long dresses are recommended for women and it is also advisable to dress conservatively especially when visiting the rural areas.

•  Weather : Dubai experiences an arid climate almost throughout the year with rainfall generally in the winters. Temperatures range between 41 and 27 degree Celsius (summer) and between 37 and 14 degree Celsius (winter).

•  Where to Stay : There are numerous hotels belonging to the various budget types available in Dubai. According to Dubai Travel Tips, the most popular hotels are

•  Best time to visit : The best time to visit Dubai is between November and April. The weather remains pleasant during this time and is therefore the best period to explore the city. One could also opt to visit the city during the month of Ramadan when hotel rates etc are almost half their usual prices, however there are several codes of conduct one would have to follow in public during this period as it signifies the month long fasting for the Muslims and is observed in the highest magnitude throughout Dubai.

•  Festivals in Dubai : Dubai travel tips mentions that the most important religious festival celebrated in the city is the Ramadan. It is the Muslim festival following a month long fast amalgamating into a grand feast. Other than the religious festivals, Dubai is also famous for its Shopping festivals and the Dubai Rock Festival.

•  Currency of Dubai : The UAE Dirham is the official currency of the state.